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Some words about me…

At the age of 12 started learning programming after visiting a local hackathon in my hometown Moers.

The past years, I have attended many meetups, hackathons and gave talks to enhance my knowledge, share my experiences and get in touch with others.

In 2018, I won an Apple Scholarship and was invited to attend their Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose. In my freetime I love to go for a walk and play the guitar or flute.

You want to team up with me on your next app or website project? I would be up to it. Just drop me a line!

My ambition is to design delightful experiences.

Design is not only about visuals.
Even typography, space, layout and color is not what makes great design.
It's about how a product feels while it is being used. Careful design ensures high quality and value.

But what makes a great product?

Great products are designed for humans.

At the heart of every product are its users. All projects I work on focus on the human that is going to use it.

Great products are fun to use and bring joy.

I try to create experiences that are unique. Exceptional products stick in mind and retain in the long term.

Great products about everybody.

Making digital products barrier-free and easy to understand shows every user the value they deserve.

My opinion on…

Building the perfect solution

In my opinion the perfect solution to a problem does not exist. That lays in the nature of a problem. Problems exist for a reason. But especially in the field of technology there are many, many opinions on how to solve a specific problem. Caring about what other people experienced brings you forward. But don't let them decide on how you have to tackle a challenge.

Everything is a challenge. But challenges are fun and push us to our boundaries. I see myself as a problem-solver. So I will do my absolute best to find the solution that leads to the best possible result in all regards.

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